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söndag 14 februari 2016

Alla Hjärtans Dag! Happy Valentine's Day!

En liten AllaHjärtansHälsning 
till Linda och Jelte och Alfie! 
Här kan ni gå in och titta på Alfie's Instagram!

Puss på dig Matte!

He wrote: 
Looking for someone to be My Valentine
and share My new bone with!
I'm hoping Fina Stina say's YES!

I wrote back:
Yes! Yes! Yes!
My handsome Valentine Hines!
I love to share the yummy bone with you! 

Thank's My Lovely Prince!

Look what I got from My Lovely Friend Nunah and her Mum!
She wrote:
I send you lot of But Sniffs and Smooches!
KrameliKramar till er alla på
Alla Hjärtans Dag!

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