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fredag 23 september 2016

My New Necklace!

I am sooo Happy and Honored! :-)
I was one of 4 Lucky Winners in Prince Miki's Contest!!! :-)
My lovely Friend Roxie, 
the princess in Pink, was also one of the winners!
Lucky us! :-)

Thank you sooo much Prince Miki!
 Go and have a look at his pet's jewellery line at Etsy
You can also have a look at his amazing IG Account
You can also find him here at Facebook!
Have a look at my new Handmade and Custom♡Made Necklace 
from Prince Miki and Momma Shlomit!
These are fashionable, designed, natural ticks and fleas repelling necklaces, combining raw amber with real gemstones, crystals, swarovskies and different decorative elements! 
They are all handmade by Prince Miki's Mom and each of them is unique!
Love it!!! 

5€ of each necklace sold go directly to Animal Care Austria.
That's great!
Woof, From Fina Stina!

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